Consultation & Sourcing

Our large network of art professionals allows us to coordinate the ideal set of services for even the most complex art projects.

  • Lighting design & installation
  • Photography
  • Conservation
  • Custom Exhibitry
  • Rigging & hoisting

Project Management

Our range of specialized services allows us to provide exceptional project management and support. In addition to cataloguing and database development, we provide coordination of traveling exhibits and collection moves, as well as support for a variety of art projects often requiring unique and innovative solutions.

Cataloging & Collections Support

The information, documentation and images associated with works of art are essential to the care and management of art collections. Our team has extensive experience developing and implementing tools for effective art collection management. Our art handling services work in tandem with our collections administration to gather and assemble artwork information, creating a functional record and database suited to the needs of the individual collector or institution.